Why join a choir?

There is far more to being in a choir than most people think. Most of us involved have been aware of the physical, and mental, health benefits from being part of a singing group: the breathing exercises, stamina increase, blood flow improvements, memory skills, communication skills etc. etc. and it’s great to see the world catching up with what we have known for a long time.

Not only that, it’s such immense fun! Singing with people, meeting new friends, travelling to different places, building confidence, breaking down barriers! It’s just such a fantastic hobby to have, and is completely addictive.

Can anyone sing?

Yes, anyone can sing! We aim to help give people that boost in confidence for them to find their voice and develop into a fully fledged choir member. You may even go on to be one of our ensemble singers or even… a soloist. We can achieve this through having a great team of top class Vocal Coaches and support staff, who are also choir members themselves so they can instantly relate to you. We promise never to use gimmicks to get you into the choir and WE NEVER AUDITION PEOPLE TO JOIN, or to single you out or tell you off once you are there. That’s not acceptable behaviour to us and so something you’ll never find in one of our practices.

Our Aims?

We want to spread the joy of singing across the entire universe although we’re focussing currently on the North of England (everyone has to start somewhere!). Our aims are to:

  • Provide opportunities for anyone to sing.
  • Promote inclusion and tolerance.
  • Allow people to experience singing in some of the most magnificent places in the world through our excursions programme.
  • Promote healthy mental and physical singing activities.
  • Help build confidence in people.
  • Broaden peoples’ knowledge of musical styles, genres and singing styles.
  • Enable participation, by using singing as a meaningful and purposeful activity which supports wellbeing.


Because we walk with you step by step and help you through the process, if you chose one of our ‘Concert Choir Groups’ then you’ll be putting on a professional standard show at the end of 12 weeks. Our health and wellbeing choirs are perfect for those who simply want to come and sing from week to week priced at a simple £5 a week, pay as you go.

How do I get involved?

If you’ve ever thought about putting your shower singing talents to better use, then this is the opportunity you shouldn’t miss. At the beginning of each term we hold an open evening at each of our main choirs. Everyone, over the age of 18, is welcome to simply turn up on these nights and have a try with us. We prefer people to let us know they are coming by signing up on this page here but it is not essential.

To join, you simply have to fill out an application form, found either online here or by downloading it from that page and sending it in to us with your first payment. Whatever your standard, whatever your ability, we think everyone has a voice and we want to encourage it and hear you!

Click here to find your nearest rehearsal venue in Birmingham, Gtr. Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield. Nottingham, Liverpool and Newcastle coming in 2018!